Monday, July 13, 2015

Clasic LoveLine Veal & Venison

Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla ask callers what is veal and what is venison and get some funny answers.

Adam will occasionally ask callers what veal or venison are. Often the callers will give a general response of "Meat." or just "I don't know.", to which Drew, or Adam will force them to guess what exactly they think it could be. Often the callers mix up the animals the meats come from or guess other random humorous things. When the callers guess, Drew and Adam often pretend as if the caller got it correctly and continue on like nothing is wrong even though they are, or just continue on not even letting the caller know if they are right or wrong, and the caller's don't seem to notice or care, which adds to the joke.

Caller #1:
Veal = Cat
Venison = Lamb

Caller #2:
Veal = Baby Cow
Venison = is in Italy

Caller #3:
Veal = Lamb
Venison = Fish, saltwater fish

Full Calls:

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